Birth Certificate Guide


Before the baby is born, there are a few things which might help you plan a little bit better. The small things can make the big difference, which make life that little bit easier. Some people write a list of things to do, just to keep on top of things, whether it is a Christmas shopping list or indeed the lead up to the birth of a child. There is so much information available and so much advice from friends and family, it is difficult to remember it all.

When your baby is born, the details of the event should be registered within 42 days. Not only does it help towns and cities plan in terms of population growth, but more importantly, it gives your baby an official document. If you are unable to get to the district where your baby was born, the registrar can send your details to the district office. As the baby grows up, he or she will need to enter education, get a job, maybe get married or apply for a passport. For all of these procedures a birth certificate will be needed. You can get the birth certificate at your local register office. Many people choose to get married somewhere nice and warm and sunny, which means travelling abroad. In other countries there might be different ways of doing things, but a birth certificate is a document which if approved by a notary in the United Kingdom, makes the document official anywhere in the world, clearing the way for that special day. In order to reach that destination you will need a passport and a valid one too. A birth certificate will get you that passport.

You do not have to register the baby in the district they were born. You do not have to take the baby with you when you register. The health authority will have informed the registrar about the birth. In most cases babies are registered at hospital shortly after the birth. Your midwife can arrange this. If you leave the hospital and forget to register the birth and are worried you will not get a birth certificate, do not panic. You can still register the birth at your local register office, of which there are plenty across the United Kingdom. There is a General Register Office in Southport on Merseyside too. Changing a birth certificate is also a fairly straight forward process. If you want to add the natural father’s details to the birth record, the birth needs to be re-registered, in order to create a new birth record. An application form needs to be filled in to complete the process.

Errors happen, this can be rectified on birth certificates. Use documentary evidence to prove the error. Surname’s and forename’s can also be changed. Changing a forename can only be done once though. A surname can be changed to correct a spelling mistake. Also if the natural parents were not married at the time of birth, the surname can be changed.

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