Birth Certificate Replacement

How can I get a replacemennt birth certificate? The importance of a birth certificate in the United Kingdom, has been explained above. Of course the Importance of a birth certificate is important in most, if not all countries, but for the time being, the focus remains on the United Kingdom. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, emphasize further the Importance of a birth certificate, it gives you the right to a legally registered identity, through the name, nationality and also family ties. Effectively you are an invisible human being, without it, which means you are likely to have problems further down the line, should you wish to apply for a passport, receive healthcare or be adopted, to name a few examples. Obviously the original has been taken, so how do you go about getting a replacement? When the recording of births began in 1837, it was the church that maintained the register of births. This was still the case into the 19th century. From 1853 onwards, compulsory registration of births with governmental agencies, became mandatory. If you need a replacement birth certificate, you have to request one from a government agency. They can help you out by giving you a certificate copy or an original representation of the birth record, if and when you need it. These are sufficient to apply for important documents such as passports, which you will need whether you travel or not, it is worldwide accepted form of identity and is often requested by police officers in the street or for some job applications.

Who issues birth certificate replacements?

Before the government took charge of the births, deaths and marriages records, it was the church that looked after such records. However, over time there have been a few changes, which now mean since 1853, we have to go to a local government agency, the origins of which started in the United Kingdom. When you apply for one, you will not get the exact original, but you will receive one that is a certificate copy of the exact original one, or one that represents the original, which is enough to apply for the various government benefits and is accepted by those that request one. This example of how to receive a replacement is might not be the same in every country, but as mentioned earlier, our focus here is on the United Kingdom. When you receive your replacement, it should be signed and sealed by a government commissioned registrar or the custodian of birth records. Although in some countries, births still go unregistered due to lack of facilities or a lack of staff to carry out the work, or an ongoing war, to name just a few reasons, retrospective registration is another way to get a birth certificate. As countries traditions and situations change and become more stable, some are using retrospective registration, which allows for unregistered children to be registered even if for whatever reason, there has been a slight delay or it was not possible at the time due to a civil war or simply no system to use.

How much does a birth certificate replacement it cost?

Having a birth certificate some say is priceless. What it gives you cannot be bought. The following example proves its value. It allows you to prove who you are and what age you are. Even more importantly, it allows you the basics in life, which helps you establish a life and a career. Going to school and receiving an education gives you the qualifications you need to proceed in life. Without qualifications, you will find it harder to get a foot hold in everyday life. Employers look at what, if any qualifications you have, as a guide to who they might be employing and your suitability to work for them. If you do start working, you will need a bank account and eventually you might like to get married, vote and even stand for election. This is what birth registration does for you. Failure to register a birth, used not to carry a penalty when the registration process began in 1837.

There are two types of copies that can be issued in England and Wales. The first is called a “full” birth certificate, which includes details such as the child’s surname and forenames, date and place of birth, gender and is the certificate used for the majority of legal purposes and is more complete than the second one which includes fewer details than the full one. It is a free certificate the time of registering. Copies of these public records can be purchased, if you provide all the relevant information.

How long does it take?

Birth certificates, along with marriage, death and civil partnership and adoptions can be ordered online, provided you have the full general register office index number. If you are applying for events which happened in the last half a century, you will be asked for more details as you carry out your online application. If you do not have the general register office reference, you can still use the online application process for events on or after September 1st 1837 to half a year from the present date. Applying for a replacement birth certificate can be done by a citizen living in the United Kingdom and someone who is living overseas. Depending on the destination, thought should be given to the distance the order may have to travel and also, whether or not a G.R.O. reference was supplied or not and if the certificate is urgent and selected as a priority. As mentioned earlier, there are two types of forms which exist, the short and the full one. The latter includes more details and is more useful, if you are thinking of placing an order. Short term birth certificates cannot be ordered online, but they are available to order through the post or by telephone. The advice for expected timeframe for your certificate to arrive, is at least 5 working days, from the date it was dispatched for those living in the United Kingdom before deciding to enquire, should your certificate not have arrived. For those living overseas, it is 10 days.