How to Get a Copy of Birth Certificate


A copy of a birth certificate is easy to get, even if you do not live in the United Kingdom. You have a number of ways of obtaining a birth certificate. The first option is by post, or if you are in the UK, drop into the local register office, where the birth took place. If you are unsure of where the birth took place, you can get a birth certificate from the General Register Office in Southport, on Merseyside.

Another option is online. If you have the details of the birth or know the G.R.O. index reference, the correct entry can be found. The index references are available to view at a select number of libraries like Westminster, Manchester and Birmingham. The other good news is there is no charge for searching the indexes. You can pay by credit or debit card. The telephone is another option to get the birth certificate from the G.R.O. This service is only available to credit and debit card holders.
The last option is by post. Application forms can be sent by e-mailing the G.R.O. The fee can be paid by credit card, debit card or by cheque, payable to the Identity Passport Service. The more details you know about the birth, the easier and cheaper it can be done. Remember, if the birth certificate is being sent abroad; allow for extra time and costs if being delivered by post.

Does birth certificate need to be notarized to be official?

A British birth certificate does not always need to be notarized to be official. It only confirms the legality of the birth certificate, if being used in another country. Because many Britons live abroad, there is often the need to have a document translated into a foreign language. If a person wants to open a foreign bank account or open a branch of their company abroad, scrivener notaries have a knowledge of other languages other than English and detailed knowledge of other legal systems. Notaries can certify that a birth certificate, is binding in English law, if it has been properly executed. Identifying an event and the facts behind it, the notary can issue a certificate confirming such an event. Other uses are anything related to birth certificates, immigration or emigration. If a British citizen is moving to another country, the notary can help the person moving, wherever that is.
One of the functions of the notary society is keeping in touch with other notaries, through the Notarial forum for Ireland and the United Kingdom. The society is a founder member of the W.O.N. which is World Organisation of Notaries. Also among its proud associations is its observer status with the I.U.L.N., which is another global association and stands for International Union of Latin Notaries as well as direct contact with other associations for notaries. Like with every country in the world, there are different ways of doing and understanding things. The common held belief, which all notaries aspire to, is a profession that is trustworthy and a service of the highest of professional standards.

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