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Your birth certificate is an important piece of identity, which without, you are unable to take exams, open a bank account or get married. If you have lost your birth certificate, you must report it to the Police straight away. It is possible you have become a victim of identity theft, which means if the person who has stolen your identity, has the correct details, they could open up a bank account in your name, run up debts, buy a car, make extravagant purchases. They could also affect your personal finance status, which would mean any loans you want, any purchases you make from a simple book to your own house, would carry the status of being an unreliable customer, in terms of money.

In the event of your birth certificate being lost, you need to let the General Register Office also know as soon as possible. They issue birth certificates and will be the place to apply to, whether you need a birth certificate, adoption certificate or marriage certificate. If the people at the General Register Office know that you have lost your birth certificate, they can make a note of it in their records as soon as you let them know. This will help against the common crime of identity theft, which can cause large debts to be run up in your name, or bailiffs coming around to your house, looking to take items in exchange for debts you have not yet paid. Imagine your bank account being emptied of all the money you had put aside. Not saying anything, means nobody knows what has happened and it is therefore presumed you are the person still in charge of your bank account. That is why it is so important to alert the Police and General Register Office as soon as possible.

When applying for a new one, it is likely there will be a fee to pay, depending on the destination and how urgent the request is, does it need to be sent express delivery or not and is it within the United Kingdom and Europe or is it further afield. If you report the certificate as stolen, it probable you will also have to fill in a form explaining when and where you first noticed it missing and the details of the birth. This way a file can be created and the incident notified and kept an eye on. Like a stolen car or bike, if the police are alerted, it is possible the item reappears through an arrest of a suspect. Having purchased a bicycle, the police suggest you register it with them, just in case it does get stolen, the police in the area and further afield can keep a look out for it.

Can a person get a copy of their new birth certificate, if it gets lost?

Anybody can get a copy of a birth certificate. The more details you provide, the easier it is to find the birth certificate. If you are uncertain of the date of birth, a search of one year either side from the year you give, can be checked by staff at the General Register Office. If this too is unsuccessful, part of the fee you paid, will be withheld and the balance returned, provided it is £2 or more. The fee can be reduced if you have the index reference number for the registration. The index reference number can be found at some large libraries and public record offices by using microfiche. Not all but most of the indexes from 1837 until the early 20th century can be used free of charge through websites such as or through local register offices, some of which might have their own indexes; Without a birth certificate, you are unable to proceed with a number of important procedures. Without a bank account, you have nowhere to put your wages from work. If you want a loan from your bank for whatever you have planned, you will need a birth certificate. Before you get married you will take exams or apply to an education establishment, for both you will need a birth certificate. Whatever you need the birth certificate for, the people that can help, work at the General Register Office, they have exact copies of birth certificates for England and Wales. There is also the option of a local register office, which can help out regarding events from a particular area. They exist more widely across the United Kingdom and are more useful if the location of the event is known.

Applications for a birth certificate in Northern Ireland are done in a similar way to that of the rest of the United Kingdom. The details required are full name(s), place of event (district, street or town) and the year or date of the event. From 1864 to the present, the full address of the birth must be given, or the district. Fees are charged for most transactions in a similar way to that of the mainland U.K. It is also not uncommon to find plenty of expatriates living outside the United Kingdom or even the European Union. For many reasons including the weather, many British citizens choose to live abroad. Their children are then born abroad too. If this is the case, there is the possibility the birth might have been registered in the United Kingdom. If so, a copy of the birth certificate can be obtained by following the procedure mentioned earlier.

If the birth was not registered in the U.K., a copy should be available from the country you were born in. Contact the embassy of the country you are resident in, in the United Kingdom.
The Overseas Registration Department at the General Register Office, can contact the relevant embassy, if your language skills are not up to scratch.
If you are unable to get the copy of your birth certificate from abroad, the Foreign and Commonwealth offices have a Local Document Search department who can help. They will charge a fee, the details of which can be found under

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