UK Birth Certificate


The official description of a birth certificate from the United Kingdom, is a certificate which register the birth of new baby boy or girl. The location of the birth and also when must be noted on the UK birth certificate. Obviously the name and the gender of the baby. The name and surname of the father. The mother also provides her name and surname, as well as her maiden surname. The father also includes his occupation (if any). A signature, description and the residence of the informant is also included on the UK birth certificate. For future reference when the registration took place. Each certificate receives an application number. When being handed in to the General Register Office it must also be dated.

Any certified copy of an entry which is sealed or stamped, containing the seal of the G.R.O. will be taken as evidence of the birth or death, without any further proof of the entry required. Only if sealed or stamped will it be accepted. The examples mentioned are for England Wales, both of which are largely similar, except for language used, which in the Welsh version will be bi-lingual, in Welsh and English. For Northern Ireland and Scotland, the birth certificate is similar with a few minor differences. This certificate entitles the human being to the various government benefits available, such as opening a bank account, applying for a passport, taking an exam, starting school to name a few. There are two birth certificates to be aware of. The first one is known as a full birth certificate. It contains all the details about the birth and is the certificate to use when applying for the various government benefits mentioned earlier.

British passports are issued by the Identity and Passport Services. If you intend to apply for a passport for the first time, you will have an interview with the I.P.S. to confirm your identity. Claiming British nationality can be determined by using definitions and the requirements for the British Nationality act of 1981, along with the facts about their place and date of birth and descent. The second one is known as a short birth certificate. This one contains fewer details about the birth and is not sufficient to open a bank account, apply for a passport, or take an exam. The short birth certificate is merely an extract of the full birth certificate.

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